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I'm sorry but I could not locate such a quotation, though I also believe there is one.

Qudds at p. 392 of the Dawn-Breakers says "Each one of you has his appointed hour, and when that time is come, neither the assaults of your enemy nor the endeavours of your friends will be able either to retard or to advance that hour. If the powers of the earth league themselves against you, they will be powerless, ere that hour strikes, to lessen by one jot or tittle the span of your life.". But the context of this (even though it is not from a wholly authoritative source or scripture) is to give the believers courage in a time of great crisis.

There are references to such aspects of predestination, but I think they are to be weighed with the other Writings (e.g., Gleanings, sec. 68) stating that we are granted free will (though of course, God can supercede it if He wishes, and we have that will with His permission and knowledge in the first place).

See the wiki page on Suicide for another indication of free will in terms of life being ended (though strongly condemned).

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