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:M: Anyway, whether we chose to interpret these Tablets literally or symbolically, I do think that using a tablet of Baha'u'llah
to legitimize acts of terrorism is a little unwise. Furthermore, to think that we have the slightest idea what God is thinking
is, I feel, even more cause for concern.

PK: I am very glad that Baha drew our attention to these Tablets. The Hajj is an injunction in the Kitabi Aqdas, not an act of terrorism!

PK: Thanks, Baha, for pointing out these tablets.

xxxxx Excerpt from the Kitabi Aqdas xxxxxx
32 The Lord hath ordained that those of you who are able shall make pilgrimage to the sacred House, and
from this He hath exempted women as a mercy on His part. He, of a truth, is the All-Bountiful, the Most
the Kitabi Aqdas

xxx end excerpt from the Kitabi Aqdas xxxxx
xxxxxxx From the Questions and Answers xxxxxx

25. Question: Concerning the pilgrimage.
Answer: It is an obligation to make pilgrimage to one of the two sacred Houses; but as to which, it is for
the pilgrim to decide.

29. Question: Again inquiry hath been made about the pilgrimage.
Answer: By pilgrimage to the sacred House, which is enjoined upon men, is intended both the Most
Great House in Baghdád and the House of the Primal Point in Shíráz; pilgrimage to either of these Houses
sufficeth. They may thus make pilgrimage to whichever lieth nearer to the place where they reside.
Questions and Answers on the Kitabi Aqdas

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