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Posted by Pam McCown ( on January 09, 2003 at 16:47:13:

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If Scope contains less alcohol than Listerine, then both should still be equally forbidden, or equally allowed. After all, we don't distinguish between wine and whisky according to the percentage of alcohol in them.

I was under the impression that putting alcohol on the skin was allowed even without a doctor's orders. (Of course a doctor could prescribe anything he wanted--even opium--unless it was against secular law in that country.)

I'd rather not bother the House with something like this. It might postpone the Lesser Peace by five minutes, or however long it took them to answer it! Obviously the founding figures of the faith didn't comment on mouthwash, but I thought that some NSA somewhere might have issued a ruling, or that some informal consensus might have developed, like for cooking with wine.

I'm afraid that my personal "interpretation" would be subconsciously based on how convenient it was to stop using it. Or I would just keep doing what I was doing, until somebody told me to stop.

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