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Dear Pam,

Thank you for your valuable question. At bahai-library.org/compilations/alcohol.html I found the following three extracts. The first one seems to suggest that alcohol can be used for medicinal uses, including drinking it if under doctor's orders. If that's the case then gargling with mouthwash would at minimum be allowed under certain conditions. I don't hesitate to use mouthwash, but have no authority to suggest that of anyone else — your best bet is to query the Universal House of Justice. There's no need to be embarrassed about doing so, because if they don't have time they won't answer! They have staff to help them with all this, don't worry about distracting them from the Lesser Peace.  :-)  Response time varies; my last question was answered in five weeks, but my previous one took three years.

The second and third quotations relate only tangentially, saying that we can't flavor foods with actual liquor, but we can flavor foods with alcohol-based extracts. This shows that sometimes the Writings place behavioral restrictions, such as certain uses of alcohol, within their appropriate contexts and legislates accordingly. In other words, use common sense. -Jonah

1795. Concerning your question with regard to the use of alcohol for rubbing: the believers can make any use of alcohol for any such treatments, provided they do not drink it, unless, of course, they are compelled to do so, under the advice of a competent and conscientious physician, who may have to prescribe it for the cure of some special ailment.
(25 July 1938 to an individual believer)

1796. With reference to your question whether those foods which have been flavoured with alcoholic liquors such as brandy, rum, etc. should be classified under the same category as the intoxicating drinks, and consequently be avoided by the believers, the Guardian wishes all the friends to know that such foods, or beverages, are strictly prohibited.
(9 January 1939 to an individual believer)

1813. We have found no texts prohibiting the friends from using flavoured extracts in their food. This may be a matter for later legislation by the Universal House of Justice but for the time being the friends should be left free to do as they choose. The same principle applies to those who are employed in factories manufacturing such extracts.
(7 April 1974 to an individual believer)

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