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Posted by Mehrdad Nooshabadi on October 14, 1998 at 08:02:16:

Dear friend,

Please send this message or the message like this to all addresse
you can send!!

S . O . S S . O . S S . O . S

It is about Baha'i faith :
It was established in Iran in 1844 ,and had over 20,000 martyrs in
Qajar Dynasty . Tortures and deprivation of human rights continued in
Pahlavi Dynasty in a smoother form. We are at the end of 20th century
and life is still harder and harder for Baha'is in Islamic Republic on
Iran as a non-official religion. Over 220 high ranked specialist in
different field of studies were killed due to their religion .All public
section employees were fired and monthly allowances of retired person
stopped ,all university students were dispelled. That was really hard
to believe because even in middle ages nobody was deprived of studying
due to their beliefs. Our international organization persuaded Iranian
Baha'i community specially university professors and instructors to
establish A Baha'i university at home which was started some 11 years
ago and now the graduated students are helping their teachers in
different levels to improve scientific knowledge of the youngsters who
are not allowed to start university studies because of their beliefs. It
seems that president Khatami is talking about freedom , if it exists in
Iran it is just for special group of people not even for all Muslims.
Last week agents of Republic of Iran attacked to some 500 homes in all
over the country ,captured a lot of responsible personalities and put
them in prison for some days stating that you should close your home
university and Baha'i youngsters are not allowed to study beyond the
high school. This is the meaning of freedom in Islamic Regime and they
believe the existed freedom in Iran is unique and not find anywhere in
the world and that is why as a follower of Baha'i Faith who is deprived
of almost all social and personal rights sending this message for all
awake consciousness
of the world asking them to think and pray for us at least one minute in
24 hours asking God to strength us to tolerate their tortures up to
our last breath.

Please persuade your friends to read this message .

Thanks a lot .

The Iranian Baha'i students .

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