DATE:JAN./ 1 /1998 Stop U.S.A. Cover up.

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DATE:JAN./ 1 /1998 Stop U.S.A. Cover up.

FROM: Robert Moore, Minister Plenipotentiary; Phone: (808) 923 0476; Fax: (808) 923 0477



Despite repeated overtures to the United States Congress and the Clinton administration for a peaceful settlement of claims, a state of war continues to exist over control of the atoll commonly referred to as Wake Island. The weapons employed in this „cold warš are pen and paper. The battleground is framed over a legacy of more than 2000 years of ownership, use and control by Marshallese ancestors of King Murjel Hermios, First Monarch of the Kingdom and Paramount Chief of the Northern Atolls of the Ratak Archipelago. The battle formally began in 1993.

Over the course of the decade, the Kingdom has established its autonomy by asserting allodial and traditional rights of the King under universal principles of human rights, the common law, international law and articles of the United Nations Charter. No threat has been made to the security of the United States and no resistance has been encountered. A similar atmosphere of disregard by world news and other media reverberates hollow. In fact, „de factoš recognition via correspondence from U.S. agencies and officials and diplomatic recognition from foreign states during the past four years would fill a volume.


The government of the Kingdom is in possession of substantial assets it is willing to market to secure funding for peaceful settlement of the conflict with the United States. They are available to be used as collateral to secure a development loans or to be converted to negotiable financial instruments.

Prime banks in Pacific Rim nations, Europe or South America are now encouraged to assist the government of the Kingdom with their development through one of the following:

1. Debt Collateralization - a very substantial debt has been perfected against the United States Department of Interior in the hundreds of millions (US).
2. Treasury Bill - a bill in the amount of 3.7 million (US) is available for immediate funding.
3. Contract Obligation - under a treaty with a South Pacific state, a contract was signed in which the Kingdom will receive 10% of all revenue derived from a major commercial and financial development project in the North Pacific.
4. War Bonds - the Kingdom has a program to issue bearer bonds backed by assets or gold and traded in world markets outside U.S. jurisdiction.
5. Gold Stamps - the inaugural issue of gold stamps is in the final stages of production. Several remarkably unique features are designed into the stamps to make them very collectible and affordable. Sales are based on daily fix on the New York exchange market for gold bullion.
6. Programs - specific developments include:
a) international spaceport
b) international free trade zone
c) fisheries
d) maritime services
e) mineral exploration and recovery
f) satellite and telecommunications
g) nuclear waste eradication
h) financial, trust and fiduciary services

For more information, see the web site of the Kingdom:

Please direct specific inquiries for particulars to the USA Legation of the Kingdom by phone or fax, or mail to Post Office Box 8441, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 96830.

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