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Posted by Roberta L Charles on May 02, 1998 at 16:13:24:

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I witnessed, in February 1963, several North American Indian spiritual leaders such as medicine men and women speaking about the Message from the Creator. These wonderful men in women spoke in their native languages. Each eloquently described their process of discovery, how they had prayed, fasted and meditated prior to and during the Great Council Fire. All of them declared that Baha'u'llah Message was a True One sent by the Creator. They embraced the message and declared there was no conflict in their ancient Spiritual Teaching and the Baha'i Faith. It was also interesting to note that they said they would not formally become Baha'i because they feared their followers would become Baha'i simply because they had and not because of their own personal investigation of Truth. I am from the Tlingit tribe in Alaska and hope this helps you as you develop your paper. Feel free to respond to this at With deep respect. Roberta L.Charles
: as as part of my anthropolgy subject, I'm doing a research on the bahai
: faith, focusing on the bahai believers. I'm turning this question to all
: the bahai believers in hope that you will cooperate with me, but before
: that I just want to say what a great privilege it was to be introduce to
: the amazing bahai faith (I'm christian) and to it's great cause.
: the main question of my research is :what made people live their former
: religion and join the bahai faith, and in another words what do you think
: attracts people to this faith.

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