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Posted by Brent Poirier on May 07, 1998 at 15:08:30:

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: There is a book on this subject by Robert Cameron, "The Disconnected Letters of the Qur'an and the Significance of the Number Nineteen." I do not know the publisher or the date of publication, nor where one can purchase a copy. In it, he takes the abjad reckoning, the numerical value of each of the letters at the beginning of each chapter. The total of all of these numbers is 1,267. He quotes from Mirza Abu'l-Fad'l that this is the span of time in lunar years from the Declaration of Muhammad seven years before the Hegirah, to the Declaration of the Bab. He also does an analysis of each of the time periods represented by each chapter's disconnected letters. He refers to a Hadith in which one of the Imams, the fifth I believe, is reported to have said that each time span represents a significant event in the history of Islam or of a significant person in Islam. I do not remember any of that analysis. Brent Poirier

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