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Posted by Goli Collestan Young on August 20, 1998 at 09:00:34:

Given the revelation of the pivotal principle of the oneness of mankind, and the fact that our understanding of history is refined as our spiritual development progresses, do we see the events of the past in a new light?
As we learn more of what it means to be "the pinnacle of God's creation" (Baha'i writings), do we put aside more of our misconceptions and prejudices (which are at the basis of so much that is said to be world history)?

Why is it that the holy books of Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, as well as the Baha'i Faith, are full of history?

In our area of the US, the public elementary school curriculum is almost
completely devoid of world history. Since we are living "in the buckle of the Bible belt", and there is a strong movement here to view the world in terms of the literal translation of the Holy Bible, this seems to have effected not only our science curriculum, but the teaching of history as well. Our public school policy precludes the teaching of world history in elementary school.

There are many wonderful aspects to life in these parts, not the least of which is interacting with people of such purity and faith. Wanting to raise children who are devoted to the principles of the oneness of mankind, love for all the world, and who do not disown any aspect of their rich world heritage, we cannot rely on our public school system alone.

Does anyone know of elementary and middle school (high reading levels) world history texts that they could recommend to us to supplement our children's education?

Do you know of any websites that have such world history instructional materials for children?

I've enjoyed this site for over a year now and am grateful for the help and enlightenment that I get here.

Best Wishes,

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