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Posted by Dale on January 18, 1999 at 14:59:50:

Hello and may God bless,
I am a Christian who has made an in depth study of Baha‚i belief. I have created a website, The Fireside Letters, that shares the fruits of this independent investigation. Though it‚s conclusions reaffirm the validity of the historic Christian faith, the site presents a candid Christian apologetic whose intended audience is specifically Baha‚i. Honest consideration of critical viewpoints is essential in any thorough and open minded study. Those who are confident of the truths they hold are not only unafraid of dissent, they welcome the opportunity to test opposing viewpoints against their own standard of belief. Thus the Scripture‚s command to „test everything.š , and the Baha‚i mandate to conduct an „independent investigationš for truth.
Certainly, upon review, I do not expect that you, as a Baha‚i, will immediately agree with the perspective represented by the Fireside Letters. My hope however, is that you will appreciate the value of considering some of the salient problems that a Bible based Christian would have with Baha‚i theology. The URL for the Fireside Letters is:

With sincerest intentions toward the service of God and the quest for His Truth,

The Fireside Letters

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