Query regarding circumstances surrounding revelation of the Tablet of Ahmad

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Posted by Fred Baringer on February 03, 1999 at 14:40:00:

I am looking for an official understanding of the circumstances surrounding Baha'u'llahs revelation of the "Tablet of Ahmad". I have memory of having read that Ahmad was a devoted early believer who had gone to Baha'u'llah in prison seeking confirmation and guidance which was provided in the form of this now renowned Tablet; however I have not been able to find this or any other reliable reference to its history.

Was the table revealed before or after Baha'u'llah announced that He was the One promised by the Bab? (That is, was Ahmad a Bab'i or a Baha'i?)

Is it true that Ahmad went on to become an effective teacher of the Faith? Did he achieve martyrdom or die a natural death?

What was his full name? Are there any stories of his life before and after finding the Faith?

Are dates of his birth, death, and reception of the Tablet known?

etc. etc. etc.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

(I am a Baha'i of San Leandro, Calif. )

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