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Hi. The most complete book that I know of is Julie Badiee's _An Earthly Paradise: Baha'i Houses of Worship around the World_ (George Ronald).

Also, in the Resource Guide, URL , you'll find a listing of other works on art, music, and architecture. There you'll find the following entry, among others. -Jonah

Besides Music, Devotions, and Mashriqu'l-Adhkár, other articles that discuss architecture and the Faith are Leo R. Zrudlo's "The Missing Dimension in the Built Environment: A Challenge for the 21st Century," in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 3.1 (1990-1991), which asserts the lack of a spiritual dimension in much of modern architecture. Duane L. Herrman's "Houses as Perfect as Possible," in World Order, 26.1 (Fall 1994), and Tom Kubala's "Architectural Implications of the Bahá'í Community," in World Order, 9.1 (Fall 1974), describe the aesthetic styles of the Bahá'í houses of worship. Ugo Giachery's biography of Shoghi Effendi, Shoghi Effendi: Recollections, includes a lengthy section on the Bahá'í World Center and its design considerations and describes at length the actual construction of some of its buildings and gardens. A discussion of the spiritual significances of art, complete with numerous photographs of Bahá'í architecture, has been published by Faríburz Sahbá, an architect and Project Manager for the Mount Carmel Bahá'í Projects, as "Art and Architecture: A Bahá'í Perspective," in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 7:3 (March-June 1997).

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