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Posted by Jonah on February 22, 1999 at 02:15:52:

Dear friends,

The Wilmette Institute will soon be offering a two-month distance learning course on "Judaism for Dialogue and Deepening," part two in its series "World Religions: An Integrated Approach." This course will introduce Baha'is to the origin, founders, development, teachings, practices, and followers of Judaism from a Baha'i perspective. It is designed to foster:

* Dialogue--that is, to help a Baha'i understand the basics of other religions well enough to interact with their followers with confidence and carry out Baha'u'llah's exhortation to "consort with the followers of all religions with friendliness and fellowship." Such interaction is essential if one wishes to introduce the Faith to others, find waiting souls, and foster the process leading to entry by troops.

* Deepening--that is, to help a Baha'i understand better the basics of the other religion and the Baha'i Faith. It has been said that one of the best ways to learn about one's own religion is to study another one, because comparison is a light that sheds illumination on both. Since Baha'is see all the world's major religions as divinely founded and based on a revelation, study of them allows one to understand the background for the revelation of the Baha'i writings.

The "World Religions: An Integrated Approach" series studies other religions from the perspective of the Baha'i Faith. Since the Baha'i perspective on specific teachings or movements is often not defined, the student will be able to participate in the effort to explore and discover the Baha'i principles relevant to study of other religions. The series uses some of the techniques of the scholarly study of religions (often called comparative religion). The courses are "formally organized" and "systematic"; they are designed to be equivalent to a college evening course. There are no prerequisites.

DATE: Mar. 1-Apr. 30 1999
COST: US$100; $80 per student if a local study group is formed
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: As soon as possible. Applications will be accepted until mid-March.

Further information can be obtained from the Wilmette Institute website, http://www.usbnc.org/wilmette, or by writing to the Registrar, Heather Gorman, at Wilmette_Institute@usbnc.org.

Thank you, -Jonah Winters

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