Tryin to make a dream reality, in China

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Posted by Camilla on March 20, 1999 at 13:53:16:

With the joyful tidings of light I hail thee:
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abide therein that thou mayest live in peace for evermore.

Hello dear friends,

my name is Camilla Altree, I am 30 yrs. old, I am an American and I have been living in China for about three years. I am very interested in starting a relatively new business in China‚s northwest province of Ningxia. The business is a Cafe/ Learning Center (with an English rich environment).
I have many ideas for the project and need assistance in implementing those ideas into reality. Sources I have spoken to have estimated a cost of about five thousand US dollars to get this off and running. Most of the resources and supplies we will need can be found in Ningxia or surrounding areas. The supplies we can not locate will be researched to find the cost of importing or substituting the product.
Most of my experience has been in the services field, and I am in the process of expanding my education to include Social and Economic Development projects.

list of services we would like to provide:

1. Western Beverages and baked goods and teach people who to prepare and present these goods (No alcohol or smoking)

2. English environment and topic study groups (math, sciences, poetry, business, teaching English, leadership, arts, music, computers, world cultures) with guest speakers from local China and around the world to lead seminars

3. Promote local tourism using English and other Languages known to local peoples (local people give tours through out the Ningxia area)

4. Recommend places to eat ( Hui, Han, Mongolian, Xiangzhong, etc.) foods, prices, specialties, and maps with directions in English

5. Promote local Artists, Photographers, sculptures, etc. by using half the space to show their works

6. Promote local Musicians by having performances, music exchanges and performances from other counties

7. Youth workshops in all different areas (athletic and educational)

8. Promote community service projects

9. Internet access such as www, email and web page publishing

If you or someone you know is interested in making this project work, either through guidance and/or financially, please contact me.

Or through this snail mail address:

1417 Olive St. #3
Eugene, OR 97401 USA
phone #
001 541 485 7820

Thank you for reading this message!
with love,

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