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Posted by Michael McCarron on April 16, 1999 at 01:39:04: is the expansion of what was known as Majlis-i Mushahadin.
Mashriq is dedicated to the unabashed study of Shi'a Muslim Gnosis,
including such esoteric traditions as the Ismaili, Ithna Ashariyya,
Sufi, Druze (muwahidun), Awali and Baha'i faiths.

The intention of is to facilitate the dual studies of
spiritual practice and human rights advocacy with it's sister site of
Mashriq: Shi'a Rights Organization.

There is no membership lists or other formal level of participation.

Mashriq Development Plan:

Mashriq will be developing its web site over the summer months. There is a tentative plan to launch an fully on-line interactive college level course on Shi'a Irfan beginning in October. Mashriq is currently seeking persons to develop a curriculum for Irfan 101: Introduction to Shi'a Irfan. Additionally, we are in the begining stages of seeking a teacher for the course to be financially compensated for their participation and leadership. The teacher should have an Islamics background and completion of an MA in Islamic Studies at an accredited university.


Additionally, is seeking an web content editor to help the
current webazen (web artisan), Michael McCarron, with the re-design and implementation of content and interactivity. The co-editor will be compensated for their costs on the project.

Features: is currently developing the first ever all Sufi and Gnosis
Search Database. As well as linking to such important gnostic features as the enneagram personality identifier, astrology calculator and development of an abjad calculator. This fall look for the Porthole. The porthole will be an all Sufi and Gnosis content opening page for your browser with news, weather, quotes and other standard features interspersed with Sufi and Gnosis daily lessons.

Mashriq: Studies in Shi'a Gnosis

Mashriq: Shi'a Rights Organization

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