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Posted by Jonah Winters on April 24, 1999 at 21:00:19:

Greetings. We apologize for the duplication if you've already received a copy of this email from another list.

The Wilmette Institute is pleased to announce "Buddhism for Deepening and Dialogue," the next course in its distance-learning series "World Religions: An Integrative Approach Series." This two-month course will be conducted via email, telephone, and the web; more information can be obtained from the website, http://www.usbnc.org/wilmette. Though the course officially starts on May 1, registrations will be accepted through May 15. Please pass this email on to anyone who might be interested.

Thank you, -Jonah Winters (Wilmette Institute webmaster)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course enables students to acquire a better understanding of the basics of Buddhism and, by comparison, of the Baha'i Faith, enabling them to share their perspectives with people of other religions in an informed and respectful manner. Buddhism is studied as a living, present-day tradition, as part of one ever-unfolding faith of God, and in light of the Baha'i Faith.

DATES: May 1, 1999, to June 30, 1999

TEXTS: All texts are available from the Institute. Please contact the registrar for prices and purchase.
** Chapter on Buddhism in Mary Pat Fisher, Living Religions, 3rd ed.
** Chapter on Buddhist scriptures in James Fieser and John Powers, Scriptures of the World's Religions
** Moojan Momen, Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith
** Compilation of Baha'i references to Hinduism and Buddhism

** Mr. Dann May received his MasterÍs degree in philosophy from Northern Texas University in 1993. He has taught classes in philosophy and religion at various universities in Texas and Oklahoma. Currently he teaches at Oklahoma City University.
** Dr. Moojan Momen is a widely published and respected author in the field of world religions.
** Dr. Anne Pearson received her doctorate in religious studies, with an emphasis on Hinduism, from McMaster University. She has been a lecturer on Hinduism, women and religion, and world religions at McMaster University and Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario.
** Dr. Robert Stockman received his doctorate in history of religion from Harvard University. He is an instructor of religious studies at DePaul University, Coordinator of the Institute for Baha'i Studies in Wilmette, and Administrator of the Wilmette Institute.
** Mr. Jonah Winters received his bachelorÍs degree in religious studies from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and his MasterÍs degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies at the University of Toronto. He is the Webmaster and an instructor for the Wilmette Institute.

TUITION: $100 (Textbooks not included)
A 20 percent discount is available when registering as part of a local group of three or more (who pledge to meet together semimonthly to study the texts). Students needing financial aid are encouraged to seek assistance from their local spiritual assembly. Wilmette Institute scholarships may be available. Contact the registrar for information.

REQUIREMENTS: The course is taught at the undergraduate level of difficulty. Therefore, it is not normally open to high school students. There is no residential requirement, as the course is conducted by mail, conference call, internet, and primarily by e-mail. Individuals without e-mail may still register for the course; they will receive printouts by mail of e-mail correspondence.

WORK EXPECTATIONS: A mentor/advisor provides assistance by reviewing and commenting on all homework and by answering questions. The courses takes approximately six hours of work each week and involves:
A Reading and using the knowledge acquired. The course has three units involving reading about Buddhism, its scriptures, and its relationship to the Baha'i Faith. Study questions are provided for each unit. Students complete a religion study outline about Buddhism and one other learning project of their choice, which may be giving a fireside, creating curricular materials for a local study class, completing an artistic project, or writing an essay.
B For those who are part of local study groups, participating in discussion assignments.
C Participating in ñBUDDHISM,î the course's email discussion group. Because of the speed and efficiency that email provides, all students are urged to acquire email for the course.
D Accessing the courseÍs password-protected web site, which includes additional study material and completed sample homework assignments.
E Participating voluntarily in conference calls with up to five other students and a faculty member.

GRADING OPTIONS: The course may be taken for pass/fail or a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F). The Wilmette Institute is not currently able to provide college credit for courses, but such credit may be available through other institutions. Please contact the Wilmette Institute for more information.

visit the Wilmette Institute website, http://www.usbnc.org/wilmette; write to wilmette_institute@usbnc.org; telephone the 24-Hour Information Line: (847) 733-3595; or call the Registrar during business hours Central time at (847) 733-3415

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