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Posted by Lin Deahl on May 23, 1999 at 10:10:39:

In Reply to: Why belong to an organized religion? posted by Heather Deutsch on May 19, 1999 at 20:51:14:

: I often get asked, "I believe in God, live my life doing good.
: Why do I need to belong to an organized religion?" Although I've
: answered this question to the best of my ability, I would like
: to hear other points of view. Thanks.

The purpose of spiritual practice is to unify the hearts, minds and souls of all humanity. Our very surrvial as a species depends upon our ability to unify and meet out mutual needs. Actually religion reveals that our unity exists prior to our diversity. To come together and practice the virtues and skills of unity weave the fabric for our collective well being. A religion which requires only the believe in God and individual practice of faith iganores the other aspect of religion. If The individual becomes more enlighten then surely these enlightened individuals attain compassion and are compelled to act to change the standards, conditions, and organizations by which we live. If a number of individuals are all enlightened by love and compassion then the instituitions of the society must also be changed to reflect a different level of human consciounsness. There can be no real indiviual religion, this is is evidence of the "cult of individualism" which our Universal House of Justice points out. As Jonah said the meaning of religion is to bind us together.

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