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Hi. This hasn't been approved by Lambden for public distribution, so it's not online. However, if you are an H-Baha'i subscriber, or get permission from its webmaster, you could probably find it in the archives. I've included the entry from the Leiden List, below, which gives this citation. Good luck! -Jonah

Tafsir Hurufat al-Muqatta`a, Lawh-i Ayiy-i-Nur (Interpretation of the Isolated Letters, Tablet of the Verse of Light), Baghdad, 1857-8?
Ma`iydih-i Asmani vol. 4 49-80 ('riddled with errors'); INBMC36 (more reliable); Ganj-i Shayigan 46-49 (partial); Mss at Baha'i World Centre.
Arabic. A substantial part, translated with commentary by S. Lambden, posted on H-Bahai 9/98 and forthcoming. Lambden uses 3 unpublished Mss plus the Ma`iydih-i Asmani vol. 4 version.

Circumstances and discussion in Taherzadeh, 'Revelation' vol. 1 125; GPB 138; Lambden, 'Sinaitic Mysteries' SBBR5 117-20 (translates several passages and discusses symbolism); Asraru'l-Athar3 90; Ganj-i Shayigan 21-22, 45-49 (trans. in The Baha'i World Vol. 14 627). On the meaning of the isolated letters, see KI 202-3; Nabil, 'Dawnbreakers' 156. Included in BWC Best Known.

Addressee is Mirza Aqay-i Rikab-Saz Shirazi, includes one passage addressed to alchemists.

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