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Posted by Darrick Evenson on August 03, 1999 at 13:25:39:

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: It is clear that Mr. Evenson regrets his action to resign from the Community of the Greatest Name. Perhaps that is one of the most important lessons to gain from his several postings at this site. The fact that one's name is on the Baha'i Membership List is a most precious priviledge. It is a sign of obedience to the Institutions of the Faith and the desire to be recognized as a Believer. Mr. Evenson's statements that Baha'is should study the Holy Word as revealed in past Dispensations and be cognizant of the beliefs of others is mirrored in the Writings as well as by the Institutions. It is my heartfelt wish for Mr. Evenson that he exercise caution in his wording of passages regarding the Baha'i Faith on the internet. And that we all consider that this Cause is not a plaything, but rather the Divine Will and that IT WILL NOT FAIL.

Dear Sir,

I agree, the Faith will not fail. However, Baha'is can fail, and fail again.
Entry-by-Troops has been achieved in India NOT because of the "World Peace/
Race Unity" message (the only one used in the U.S.), but in _spite_ of it.
The West can learn from the Indian Community; where the main stress placed in
prospecting and teaching is NOT the "12 Principles", but Baha'u'llah as the
fulfillment of divine prophecy expectations.
Darrick Evenson

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