How obligatory fits in your daily life

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Posted by Loren Henson on September 07, 1999 at 01:45:45:


Dear friends,

I am doing a reasearch and in depth essay on obligatory Prayer in the faith, and would like to have personal accounts of how Baha'is have managed to adjust there lives to this requirement. i.e. Challenges of fitting in prayer, how these challenges have been met, Qiblih, ablutions, suitable place, etc. Very interested in how these challenges have had an impact in your life. I will mention only first name if I use the story in my paper, (or a fictitious one if you want to be anonymous). Will need advance approval to edit the story and print it.

The story needs to exemplify all the requirements of a correctly offered obligatory prayer, as it will be used as an example of how to apply all the rules in real life situations.

Please reply to me directly.

Thanks in advance!

Loren Henson

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