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Papers from the proceedings from the 1995 National Bahá'í Studies Conference, Australia.
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75 Years of the Bahá'í Faith in Australasia

Rosebery, Australia: Association for Bahá'í Studies Australia, 1996

The Australian - New Zealand Bahá'í Connections: The First 75 Years
      David Brown Carr

The Dunns - Keys to Their Success
      Madge Featherstone & Kaye Waterman

Recollections of Muriel Handley
      John Handley
The Bahá'í Faith in Australia 1947-1963
      Graham Hassall

Yerrinbool Bahá'í School and the Australian Bahá'í Community
      Fazel Naghdy

H. Collis Featherstone 1913-1990: An Extraordinary, Ordinary Man
      Graham Waterman & Kaye Waterman

The Application of Bahá'í Principles in a Business Context
      Kirsten Daly

A Bahá'í View of the Bible
      Colin Dibdin

The Importance of Leadership and Participation in Ensuring the
      Success of a Teaching Plan
      Kian Erfanian and Mehran Derakhshandegan

Liberation Theology and its Potential for Guidance Towards 
      Peace on Earth: A Bahá'í Perspective
      Fleur Fallon

Human Rights and the Bahá'í Faith
      Stanley W. Johnston

Global Prosperity for Humankind: The Bahá'í Model
      Noojan Kazemi

The Interrelationship of Bahá'í, Australian Statute and Common Law:
      A Family Law Perspective
      Afshin A. Khavari

The Death Penalty: Australian Legal Institutions vs the Bahá'í Faith?
      Roger Le Lievre

Guarantees of Religious Freedom in Australia
      Graham Nicholson

Huqúqu'lláh - The Right of God
      Aflatoon Payman

Taxation, Drought and the Golden Rule
      Neil Podger

The Three Ages of Man - Are They Integrated?
      Viva Rodwell

Information Technology Strategies for the Promotion of Gender Equality
      Andrew Stranieri

Economic Justice and the Creation of a New International Economic Order
      Dr. Keith Suter

The Next Five Years: An Internet Perspective
      Marc Wasley

Feminism, Men and the Bahá'í Faith
      Morgan Wilson

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