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Text and photograph of a hand-written letter that offers praise for the Portland assembly; identifies Williams Jennings Bryan, then Secretary of State, as a candle for peace; and warns of some "corrupted souls" coming to America (i.e. covenant breakers).
Letter provided by the United States National Bahá'í Archives.

See also Supplication To the Believers of God and the Maid-servants of the Merciful, Portland, Oregon (1914-08) and Letter to the Believers in Portland, Oregon (1914-06).

Letter to the Portland, Oregon Spiritual Assembly:
1914 October 14

by Abdu'l-Bahá

translated by Badi Boshrui

1. Text (see image below)


The Baha’i Assembly of Portland upon them be Baha-ollah El Abha


He is God

O ye Denizens of the Kingdom,

Your letter was received and caused joy and gladness, for it was an evidence of firmness and steadfastness. Praise be to God ye have an assembly in the utmost joy and fragrance, the candle thereof being the Blessings of His Holiness Baha-ollah, the spirit of that meeting is the confirmation of the Supreme Kingdom and the sustenance of that gathering is Celestial Benediction.

I hope that the life of that assembly shall be the Breaths of the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the Heavenly Teaching ye become regiments of Universal Peace, breaking asunder the armies of war and strife through the power of the Teachings of His Holiness Baha-ollah and thus raise the standard of unity, of friendship and of love in the world of humanity. The Americans are distinguished from the Europeans in this noble ideal viz Universal Peace and it is proper that they glory before all nations.

His honor Mr. William Bryan, the Secretary of State, of the United States of America, especially, Has in reality stood by the promulgation of Universal Peace with the utmost effort and because in this line he is striving exactly in accordance with the Teaching of His Holiness Baha-ollah, in this respect, he is self-sacrificing. My hope is that he will become a candle of the Convention for Universal Peace and shine forth like until the morning star from the horizon of the oneness of the world of humanity.

It may come to pass that some corrupted souls shall come to America working to bring about the wavering of your hearts, but ye must be firm like unto mountains in Faith and the Covenant, and be not shaken by the blowing of contrary winds.

Upon ye be Baha-ol-Abha

(Signed) Abdu’l-Baha Abbas

Translated Oct. 14, 1914
Mt. Carmel, Haifa, Syria
(trans by Badi Boshrui) George L. (George Latimer?)

2. Scan of letter

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