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Two shorter follow-up essays, offering closing thoughts on a previously-published debate about issues of historical accuracy, academic neutrality, and faith-based scholarship.
See the previous discussions of this at Debates between MacEoin et al., specifically Bahá'í Fundamentalism and the Academic Study of the Bábí Movement.

Also available in Microsoft Word format, prepared by M. Thomas (2024).

Note on Maceoin's 'Bahá'í Fundamentalism' and 'Afnán, Hatcher and an old bone'

by Muhammad Afnan, William S. Hatcher, and Denis MacEoin

published in Religion, 16:2, pages 187-195

1. "Note on Maceoin's 'Bahá'í Fundamentalism'"
by Muhammad Afnan and William Hatcher
Religion 16:2, pp. 187-192

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2. "Afnán, Hatcher and an Old Bone"
by Denis MacEoin
Religion 16:2, pp. 193-195

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