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TAGS: Bahai schools; Education; Harlem Preparatory school (Harlem Prep); Hujjat; Kahlil Gibran; Race (general); Race inequality; Tahirih; Vahid (Siyyid Yahyay-i-Darabi); Women
LOCATIONS: Greenwich Village; Harlem; Iran (documents); Nayriz; New York; United States (documents); Zanjan
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Links to Zoom videos on a variety of topics: Kahlil Gibran, the life of Varqá, Bahá'í schools for girls and Tahirih's influence, martyrs in Nayriz, Abdu'l-Bahá in New York, and Harlem Prep School.

Bahá'í History and Videos

by Hussein Ahdieh


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'Abdu'l-Bahá' in Greenwich Village, New York, 1912

(April, 2021)

Bábí Women of Nayriz

(December, 2021)

Baha’i schools for girls in Iran and Tahirih’s influence in their establishment

(February, 2022)

Foreigner, part 1 and Foreigner, part 2

(September, 2021)

Harlem prep school: Baha’i answer to racial inequality in education

(June, 2021)

Harlem prep Baha’i inspired school: Talk with Baha’i scholars

(December, 2021)

Life and martyrdom of Vahid, the Báb’s best known follower

(July, 2020)

Massacre of the Faithful, Nayriz 1853

(September, 2013)

Miracle on 136 Street, Harlem Prep

(July, 2019)

Spirit of the Age: Abdul Baha, Khalil Gibran and Greenwich village

(September, 2021)

Tahirih of Persia and her American contemporaries

(December, 2020)

Tahirih, the great emancipator, poet, and martyr

(February, 2021)

Walking in the footsteps of the Master in New York City

(February, 2022)

Zanjan and Hujjat

(March, 2022)

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