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TAGS: African Americans; Bahai schools; Conference of Badasht; Education; Equality; Gender; Great Disappointment; Human rights; Millennialism; Persecution; Poetry; Suffrage; Tahirih; Translation; Veils; William Miller; Women; Womens rights
LOCATIONS: Badasht; Iran (documents); New York; Seneca Falls; United States (documents)
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Simultaneous, powerful spiritual movements swept across both Iran and the U.S in the mid-1800s. On the life and martyrdom of Tahirih; the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention and the conference of Badasht; spiritualism and suffrage.

The Calling:
Tahirih of Persia and Her American Contemporaries

by Hussein Ahdieh and Hillary Chapman

Bethesda, MD: Ibex Publishers, 2017
Click to download: ahdieh_chapman_calling_tahirih.pdf [27 MB].
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