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Based on a plenary talk by Haleh Arbab, presented at the 31st ABS Annual Conference "Scholarship and Community Building," Mississauga (Toronto) ON, August 16-19 2007.

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Author affiliation: Doctor of Education and Development, University of Massachusetts

Generation of Knowledge and the Advancement of Civilization

by Haleh Arbab

Abstract: Bahá'ís engage in the generation and application of knowledge, a pursuit that grows in vigour and scope as the community’s resources multiply. Knowledge generation occurs at different levels and degrees of formality. A culture of learning and attendant structures is promoted for community expansion and consolidation; Bahá'í-inspired organizations combine advances in diverse fields with insights from the Writings to empower people to become protagonists of material and spiritual progress; and individual Bahá'ís participate in structured academic research in disciplines crucial to advancing civilization. Understanding how these efforts reinforce one another in a coherent process is one challenge of Bahá'í scholarly activity. [Abstract taken from conference program.]

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