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"Ann Boyles"

  1. "Angle of Ascent", The: Process and Achievement in the Work of Robert Hayden, by Ann Boyles, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 4:4 (1992). Hayden's poetry explores the process of individual and collective social and spiritual transformation in the contexts of contemporary culture, the Bahá'í Faith, black history, art, literature, nature, disease, and suffering. Published Articles. [about]
  2. Epistolary Style of Shoghi Effendi, The, by Ann Boyles, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 31:4 (2022-09). The purposes of this paper are to investigate the new style of the epistle and the roots of its development, and demonstrate that elements of the form have been modified to accommodate the vision of Shoghi Effendi, architect of Bahá'u'lláh's World Order. Published Articles. [about]
  3. For the Betterment of the World, to the Glory of God: The Emergence of Bahá'í Houses of Worship, by Ann Boyles, in Bahá'í World (2019-05). Overiew of the concept and history of the Bahá'í House of Worship. Published Articles. [about]
  4. Life and Poetry of Robert Hayden, The: A Baha'i Perspective, by Ann Boyles (2004-11-16). Audio. [about]
  5. Rhapsody, God's Whimsy, and Planet Dreams, by Michael Fitzgerald: Reviews, by Ann Boyles, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 4:3 (1991). Book Reviews. [about]
  6. To Build in the World of Things a Safe Home for the Children of Men, by Ann Boyles (2009-08-16). Audio. [about]
  7. Unveiling the Hidden Words, by Diana Malouf: Review, by Ann Boyles, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 9:3 (1999). Book Reviews. [about]
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