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  1. Bahá'í Essays in the Times Colonist, by Badi Shams, in Times Colonist (2017-2024). 48 essays: spiritual cost of higher a standard of living; religious prejudice; spiritual principles and financial planning; loving vs. fearing God; gap between rich and poor; philosophy of Karma and science and religion; role of spirituality in economics. Essays and short articles. [about]
  2. Bahá'í Perspective on Economics of the Future: A Compilation from the Bahá'í Writings, by Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá (1989/2000). Collection of Writings originally organized for the author's research study into Bahá'í teachings on matters of economics, organized into fifty topics. Personal compilations. [about]
  3. Economics and Spirituality from a Baha'i Perspective, by Badi Shams (2021). The role of morality in economics; on developing a humane economy; definition of economics and its history, problems, crises, and solutions. Essays and short articles. [about]
  4. Economics of the Future Begins Today, by Badi Shams (2016/2019). This book presents a lesson in economics in simple terms and puts forward the Bahá’í view of the current economic system, what ails it, and the cure for it from a spiritual point of view; a study in simplicity of how inequality can be resolved. Books. [about]
  5. Guidelines for Economic Living: Messages from the Universal House of Justice Related to Economics, by Universal House of Justice (2017). Compilation by an author of books on, and degrees in, economics. Personal compilations. [about]
  6. Hacia un nuevo orden económico-espiritual desde una perspectiva Baha'i, by Badi Shams (2021). Una colección de trabajos acerca del concepto de economía Bahá’í. Mi objetivo siempre ha sido simplificar la economía para el lector y no utilizar vocabulario técnico ni económico. Books. [about]
  7. La Economia del Futuro: Una Recopilacion de los Escritos Baha'is, by Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá (1995). Una colección de cincuenta temas sobre las enseñanzas bahá'ís en materia de economía. Personal compilations. [about]
  8. Mystic Ramblings and Daydreamings, by Badi Shams (2022/2023). Poems, meditations, and quotes from Bahá'í Writings and other sacred scriptures. Poetry. [about]
  9. Pensamientos varios de un economista místico, by Badi Shams (2016-2021). Colección de 59 artículos publicados en Essays and short articles. [about]
  10. Practical Economic Suggestions For Everyday Use, by Badi Shams (2021). List of simple ideas for ways people can introduce spiritual values in their day-to-day economic activities. Essays and short articles. [about]
  11. Practical Suggestions for Community Service, by Badi Shams (2021). List of ideas and ways that individuals can volunteer in their communities by finding time to serve in their fast paced lives. Essays and short articles. [about]
  12. Random Thoughts of a Mystic Economist, by Badi Shams (2016-2023). Collection of 61 articles published on Essays and short articles. [about]
  13. Removing Poverty Through Virtues, by Badi Shams (2021-09). If humanity has more than enough food and resources for everyone, why do so many live in poverty? Humanity's materialistic rulers have failed to solve this issue. The solutions to extremes of wealth and poverty go beyond economic theories and norms. Presentations. [about]
  14. Study of the Bahá'í Writings on Economics, by Badi Shams (2021). Annotated compilation on: divine economy, Bahá'í economic system, station of humankind, material civilization, nature of the economic problem, cost of warfare, cooperation vs competition, capitalism, the golden rule, wealth and equality, agriculture. Essays and short articles. [about]
  15. Towards a New Spiritual Economic System, by Badi Shams (2021). Collection of some of work on the concept of Baha’i economics. The goal is to simplify economics and make it accessible for the reader, and not use technical, economic vocabulary. Books. [about]
  16. Workshop Material for The Baha'i Writings on Economics, by Badi Shams (2021). Structured outlines, study questions, and compilation for use in workshop sessions on the nature of economic problems and their solutions in a divine economy, and how to work toward a Bahá'í world commonwealth. Research notes. [about]
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