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  1. Bahá'í Community and the Life of the Mind, The, by Douglas Martin (2005-08-12). Audio. [about]
  2. Baha'i Faith, by Douglas Martin, in The 1998 Canadian Encyclopedia (1997-09-06). Includes overview of the Bahá'í Faith in Canada. Encyclopedia articles. [about]
  3. Baha'i Faith, The: The Emerging Global Religion, by William S. Hatcher and Douglas Martin (1985/2011). Overview of Bahá'í history and teachings, designed as an introductory textbook. Available in English or in Persian. Books. [about]
  4. Bahá'í Faith: Its History and Teachings, The by William Miller: "Missionary as Historian: William Miller and the Bahá'í Faith", by Douglas Martin, in Bahá'í Studies, 4 (1978-12). Lengthy review of Miller's book, and a broad discussion of anti-Bahá'í polemic and historiography. Published Articles. [about]
  5. Historical Consciousness and the Divine Plan, by Douglas Martin (2010). A series of eight talks, in both audio and video formats, on the evolution of religion and humanity. Audio. [about]
  6. Humanity's Coming Encounter with Baha'u'llah, by Douglas Martin, in American Bahá'í (1992-04-09). Retrospective look at the previous 100 years of Bahá'í history, current shifts of focus and teaching plans, and the prospects for the future which the new Message can bring. Notable Talks. [about]
  7. Mission of the Báb, The: Retrospective 1844-1994, by Douglas Martin, in Bahá'í World, Vol. 23 (1994-1995) (1996). The revelation of the Báb in the context of its impact on the Western writers of the period and its subsequent influence. Published Articles. [about]
  8. Next Stage, The, by Douglas Martin, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 23:1-4 (2013). Bahá'í scholars find themselves at a stage in the Faith’s development where they must construct a discourse that is free of "haughty intellectualism." The Association for Bahá’í Studies can help promote the Bahá'í cause to institutions of higher learning. Published Articles. [about]
  9. Notes on the Twentieth Century, by Douglas Martin (2001-09). Multiple transcriptions of talks given in Atlanta, New York, and Massachusetts in September and October, 2001, largely based on the document Century of Light. Notable Talks. [about]
  10. Persecution of the Bahá'ís of Iran 1844-1984, by Douglas Martin, in Bahá'í Studies, 12/13 (1984). Treatment of the Bahá'ís in Iran by the state and by the Shi'ism under the Qájárs (1844-1925), Pahlavis (1925-1979), and under the Islamic Republic (1979-); responses by the Bahá'í Community. Published Articles. [about]
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