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  1. 'Abdu'l-Baha Writes to Kansas City, by Duane L. Herrmann (2002). Early history of the Bahá'í Faith in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, from 1896 to 1919 and beyond. Includes three new provisional translations. Unpublished Articles. [about]
  2. 'Abdu'l-Bahá Writes to Wichita, Kansas: The Beginnings of the Bahá'í History of Wichita, by Duane L. Herrmann (2002). Early history of the Bahá'í community of Wichita. Includes three tablets sent at ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s instruction to two believers in Wichita in 1902, Fred Hale and Frank Dyer. Essays and short articles. [about]
  3. Bahá'í Faith in Kansas 1897-1947, The, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Community Histories: Studies in the Bábí and Bahá'í Religions, vol. 6 (1992). An introduction to the first half century of the Kansas Bahá'í community, with unique insight into their patterns of growth and inactivity. Published Articles. [about]
  4. Barbara Senn Hilty Ehrsam, by Duane L. Herrmann (1997). Ehrsam (1848-1924) was a religious seeker who was instrumental in the establishment of the first Bahá'í group in Kansas, USA. Biographies. [about]
  5. Bertha: An Early American Baha'i Stalwart, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Herald of the South (1991). Brief profile of an early pioneer in Bahá'í publications and education (and sister of Mabel Hyde Paine). Many of the Guardian's letters on education were written to her as secretary of the Louhelen School Committee. Biographies. [about]
  6. Brief Sketch of the Life of Hugh Chance, A: Thirty-year member of the Universal House of Justice, by Duane L. Herrmann (1994-11). Biography partly based on personal interviews with Chance over Thanksgiving weekend, 1994. Biographies. [about]
  7. By Thy Strengthening Grace: The First One Hundred Years of the Bahá'í Faith in Topeka: 1906-2006, by Duane L. Herrmann (2006). An initial survey of the first century of the Topeka, Kansas Bahá'í community. Includes a Tablet from Abdu'l-Bahá unpublished for 100 years. Books. [about]
  8. Dr. David S. Ruhe: Kansas Author, by Duane L. Herrmann (2003). Biography written for the Kansas Authors Club. Unpublished Articles. [about]
  9. Early Baha'is of Enterprise, Kansas, 1897, by Duane L. Herrmann (1997). Originally published to commemorate the centennial of the Bahá'í community of Enterprise, Kansas, the second in the western hemisphere. Books. [about]
  10. Elizabeth and Elsbeth: Typically Extraordinary Kansas Women, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Kanhistique (1997-09). A sketch of two women who helped establish the Kansas Bahá'í community in 1897. Biographies. [about]
  11. Encounter, The, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Ré Nua New Day, 241 (2016 Spring). A slightly fictionalized account of a visit to the Shrine of the Bab in the Holy Land. Essays and short articles. [about]
  12. Enterprise: Second Oldest in U.S.?, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Bahá'í News (1987-03-06). Brief overview of the early history of the Bahá'í Faith in Enterprise, Kansas. Essays and short articles. [about]
  13. Escape from Earth: The Journal of a Planetary Pioneer, by Duane L. Herrmann (2018). Chapter 1 of a 300-page novel. Fiction. [about]
  14. Family Plowing and other Prairie Poems, by Duane L. Herrmann (2019). Nine poems selected by the author, from a collection celebrating the prairie and life on and under it. Poetry. [about]
  15. Flash Fiction: Spiritual Conversations, by Duane L. Herrmann (2014-2020). Nine short stories; brief conversations that may aid enlightenment. Fiction. [about]
  16. Hidden Meanings in the Poetry of Robert Hayden, by Duane L. Herrmann (2012). The Bahá'í Faith influenced Hayden's work on multiple levels, beyond his obvious allusions to the Bahá'í teachings regarding brotherhood of races or acceptance of religions. Poetry. [about]
  17. Holy Year, 1992-93, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Herald of the South (1993). A description of the history, meaning, and events of the centennial Holy Year for members of the Bahá'í Faith. Essays and short articles. [about]
  18. Houses as Perfect as Is Possible, by Duane L. Herrmann, in World Order (1994 Fall). A survey of the evolution in design of the Bahá'í Houses of Worship around the world through the twentieth century. Published Articles. [about]
  19. I Found You!, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Poetica: A Journal of Contemporary Jewish Writing (2014-11). Allegory of a little boy's new adventures in a new country with his mother, who had been lost. Fiction. [about]
  20. Ichnographical: 173, by Duane L. Herrmann (2016). Poems of life, experience, and transcendence. Sample of poetry from the published book, selected by the author, for sharing with the Bahá'í Library. Poetry. [about]
  21. International Bahá'í Council, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Bahá'í News (1990-03). History of the formation of the IBC. Published Articles. [about]
  22. Kansas Farm Boy, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Once to Every Man and Nation, ed. Randie & Steven Gottlieb (1985). Brief autobiography, with background on the author's introduction to and acceptance of the Bahá'í Faith. Essays and short articles. [about]
  23. Letters from a 19th-century Kansas Baha'i, by Duane L. Herrmann, in World Order (1996 Winter). An examination of two letters written by Barbara Ehrsam in Enterprise, Kansas in 1899. Published Articles. [about]
  24. Letters from the Past, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Wagon Magazine (2018-01). A young couple move into a new home in grief over their lost child and discover hidden letters which reveal a painful past as well as a message of hope. Fiction. [about]
  25. Missionaries Who Aided the Cause of God, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Glory Magazine, 13:2 (1991 Spring). Brief account of the work of Dr. William Cormick and Rev. John H. Shedd and their interest in the Bábí Faith. Essays and short articles. [about]
  26. Ninety-Five Years in Topeka: The Topeka Bahá'í Community, 1906-2001, by Duane L. Herrmann (2001). History starting with the arrival of Rose and Leonard Hilty, from Enterprise, first Bahá'ís in Topeka. Unpublished Articles. [about]
  27. No Known Address, by Duane L. Herrmann (2020). Nine poems selected by the author, from a collection of Holocaust poetry. Poetry. [about]
  28. Not Quite So New in Kansas, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Our Way With Words (2004). Overview of the Faith and its history in Kansas, prepared in an opportunity to proclaim the Faith by invited essay to the Kansas Authors' Club publication on its centennial. Essays and short articles. [about]
  29. Observing the Fast When You Are Not to Abstain from Food, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Fasting: The Moon and Its Suns: A Bahá'í Handbook (1989). What meaning can the Fast have if one is not able to observe it? The spiritual and symbolic natures of the Fast remain. Essays and short articles. [about]
  30. On the Leavenworth Trail, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Wagon Magazine (2018-08). Historical fiction; a glimpse of life on the American frontier, in Kansas, just after the American Civil War, and international news that traveled remarkably fast. Fiction. [about]
  31. One Cold Hike, by Duane L. Herrmann (2021-12-06). Short essay about visiting the Bahá'í House of Worship in Hofheim-Langenhain, Germany. Essays and short articles. [about]
  32. Place in the Woods, A, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Summer Shorts II: Best Kept Secrets (2014). A young man has just achieved his life's goal, yet now he has an opportunity for professional advancement and must choose between the two. He gets confirmation of his choice from an unexpected place which confirms another decision. Fiction. [about]
  33. Poetry and the Arts in Rebuilding Society, by Duane L. Herrmann, in The Creative Circle, ed. Michael Fitzgerald (1989). The status of poetry is exalted in the Bahá’í Revelation, starting from the writings of the Bab to the hymns of the contemporary community; even God is described as a poet. The arts allow us to arise to our divine nature. Published Articles. [about]
  34. Prairies of Possibilities, by Duane L. Herrmann (2005). Sample of poems from the published book, selected by the author — whom Midwest Quarterly celebrated as "one of the most recognized poets in Kansas" — for sharing with the Bahá'í Library, Poetry. [about]
  35. Praise the King of Glory: New and Selected Poems, by Duane L. Herrmann (2017). 9 poems, selected by the author, from a collection published to celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of Bahá’u’lláh. Many of the poems refer to events in the life of Bahá’u’lláh. Poetry. [about]
  36. Preliminary History of the Bahá'í Community of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, by Duane L. Herrmann and Hasan T. Shodiev, in Bahá'í Vizier (2004 Winter). Since repression of religion ended in the USSR, Bahá'ís in former Soviet territories resumed practice of their faith and become curious about their history, most of which had been destroyed. This article is an early step at rediscovering this history. Published Articles. [about]
  37. Proclaim the New Name, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Twisting Topeka (2014/2016). "When you take an actual historical time and twist it, the results can be rather interesting. What part is true, what part is not? That, the reader will have to decide." From the Twisting Topeka anthology of historical fiction. Fiction. [about]
  38. Profiles of Some Topeka Bahá'ís, by Duane L. Herrmann (1997). Background for the author's research into Kansas Bahá'í history. Biographies. [about]
  39. Remnants of a Life, by Duane L. Herrmann (2019). Poems that reflect on a childhood that was survived in spite of events and conditions; a message of hope for others that survival is worth the effort and more than mere survival is possible. Poetry. [about]
  40. Robert Hayden and Being Politically Correct, by Duane L. Herrmann (1993-08). Robert Hayden did not bow to or rebel against expectations of political correctness, and regarded his race as "human" rather than "black." He embraced his African-American identity, but did not want to be defined by it. Essays and short articles. [about]
  41. Second Chance, by Duane L. Herrmann (2018). A story of redemption and transformation. Fiction. [about]
  42. Short Stories, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Institor Gleg: New and Collected Stories (2017). Stories from a different point of view - one influenced by the Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh. Fiction. [about]
  43. Stepping Out, by Duane L. Herrmann, in Herald of the South (1998-04). A young man asserts his independence and sets off to begin his own life. Fiction. [about]
  44. Strangers Passing Through Town, by Duane L. Herrmann (2021-08-02). Brief historical fiction short story, based on the finding that 'Abdu'l-Bahá passed through Kansas on his way to and from Denver when he visited North America in 1912. Fiction. [about]
  45. Sweet Scented Dreams: Poems for Devotion, by Duane L. Herrmann (2011). Selection of twelve poems of a devotional nature from a Bahá'í perspective, some previously published individually. Poetry. [about]
  46. Theodore Russell Livingston, by Duane L. Herrmann (1997). Bahá'í teacher and Mayor of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. Biographies. [about]
  47. Turbulent Prairie: Politics, The Press, and the Baha'i Faith in Kansas, 1897, by Duane L. Herrmann, in World Order, 31:1 (1999 Fall). An examination of 1897 press coverage of the second Bahá'í community in North America. State politicians and new religious teachings attracted press attention across Kansas. Published Articles. [about]
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