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"Geoffrey Cameron"

  1. In the Face of Oppression, by Geoffrey Cameron, in The Mark News (2011). The Bahá'ís in Iran have long been persecuted, but stand strong in their pursuit of a just society. Newspaper articles. [about]
  2. Quiet Exodus, A, by Geoffrey Cameron, in Literary Review of Canada (2013). Recent history of immigration law and practice in Canada, and the Baha'i community's involvement in governmental change. Includes addendum from Baha'i News Canada. Published Articles. [about]
  3. Revolution without Rights?, A: Women, Kurds and Baha'is searching for equality in Iran, by Geoffrey Cameron and Tahirih Danesh (2008). Books. [about]
  4. Threatening Agenda, A: Iran's shameful denial of education to its Baha'i community, by Geoffrey Cameron, in Cherwell (2008). Newspaper articles. [about]
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