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"Harry Charles Luke"

  1. Anatolica, by Harry Charles Luke, in Anatolica (1924). One-page discussion of Mirza Yahya, Subh-i-Azal. Book excerpts. [about]
  2. City of Dancing Dervishes, The: And other sketches and studies from the Near East, by Harry Charles Luke (1914). One-half page summary of the Mahdi and Bahá'í history. Book excerpts. [about]
  3. Eastern Chequerboard, An, by Harry Charles Luke (1934). One-page mention of the Bahá'ís and Mirza Yahya, Subh-i-Azal. Book excerpts. [about]
  4. Fringe of the East, The: A journey through past and present provinces of Turkey, by Harry Charles Luke (1913). Overview of the Bahá'ís and Azalis, and mentions of their history in Akka. Includes two excerpts of interest because they refer to "Báb" which in this context refers to a place, not the Prophet. Book excerpts. [about]
  5. Handbook of Palestine, The, by Harry Charles Luke (1922). Passing mentions of the Bab, Bahá'ís, and Subh-i-Azal, along with the history and geography of Akka. Includes estimate of number of Bahá'ís in Palestine in 1922. Book excerpts. [about]
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