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"Hooper Dunbar"

  1. Africa, by Hooper Dunbar (1984). Stories of Dunbar's travels through Africa, its unique energy, and its place in the Bahá'í Faith. Audio. [about]
  2. Book of Certitude, The: An Interview with Hooper Dunbar, by Hooper Dunbar (1998). Significance and themes of the Kitáb-i-Íqán; its Islamic context; meaning of "certitude"; the importance of deepening and knowledge of the Writings. Study Guides. [about]
  3. Coming of Age, by Hooper Dunbar (2012). Overview of the Faith and discussion of "coming of age" which, both at an individual level and as part of the social evolution of humankind, is a common theme in the Writings. Includes question-and-answer session. Audio. [about]
  4. Consciousness, Creation, and the Soul, by Hooper Dunbar (1988). Audio. [about]
  5. Divine Spirit, Forces of Our Age: Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (1991). Audio. [about]
  6. Forces of Light and Darkness, by Hooper Dunbar (1989). Audio. [about]
  7. Forces of Our Time: Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (2011). Six lectures series at Bosch Bahá'í School, April 15-17 2011. Audio. [about]
  8. Forces of Our Time, The, by Hooper Dunbar, in dialogue magazine, 1:3 (1986). Excerpt from a talk presented at the "Prepare for Peace" conference, Long Beach, California, August 1985. Notable Talks. [about]
  9. Gift of Teaching, by Hooper Dunbar (1988). Audio. [about]
  10. Immortality and the Human Soul: Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (1989). Audio. [about]
  11. Kitáb-i-Íqán: 1992 Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (1992). Audio. [about]
  12. Kitáb-i-Íqán: Undated Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (1989). Audio. [about]
  13. Love of God, by Hooper Dunbar (2006). Audio. [about]
  14. Manifestation of God, The, by Hooper Dunbar (2005). Audio. [about]
  15. On the Study of the Bahá'í Writings, by Hooper Dunbar (1998). On the systematic study of the Writings, and insights on the "Most Holy Tablet," the Tablet to the Christians. Audio. [about]
  16. Pioneering in Latin America, by Hooper Dunbar (1994). Experiences pioneering in Central and South America. Audio. [about]
  17. Power of Divine Assistance, by Hooper Dunbar (2007). Audio. [about]
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