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  1. Africa, by Hooper Dunbar (1984-09-14). Stories of Dunbar's travels through Africa, its unique energy, and its place in the Bahá'í Faith. Audio. [about]
  2. Book of Certitude, The: An Interview with Hooper Dunbar, by Hooper Dunbar (1998(?)). Significance and themes of the Kitáb-i-Íqán; its Islamic context; meaning of "certitude"; the importance of deepening and knowledge of the Writings. Study Guides. [about]
  3. Coming of Age, by Hooper Dunbar (2012-01-20). Overview of the Faith and discussion of "coming of age" which, both at an individual level and as part of the social evolution of humankind, is a common theme in the Writings. Includes question-and-answer session. Audio. [about]
  4. Consciousness, Creation, and the Soul, by Hooper Dunbar (1988-06-13). Audio. [about]
  5. Divine Spirit, Forces of Our Age: Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (1991-06). Audio. [about]
  6. Forces of Light and Darkness, by Hooper Dunbar (1989-11-05). Audio. [about]
  7. Forces of Our Time: Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (2011-04). Six lectures series at Bosch Bahá'í School, April 15-17 2011. Audio. [about]
  8. Forces of Our Time, The, by Hooper Dunbar, in dialogue magazine, 1:3 (1986). Excerpt from a talk presented at the "Prepare for Peace" conference, Long Beach, California, August 1985. Notable Talks. [about]
  9. Gift of Teaching, by Hooper Dunbar (1988-01-29). Audio. [about]
  10. Immortality and the Human Soul: Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (1989/1990). Audio. [about]
  11. Kitáb-i-Íqán: 1992 Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (1992). Audio. [about]
  12. Kitáb-i-Íqán: Undated Lecture Series, by Hooper Dunbar (1989?). Audio. [about]
  13. Love of God, by Hooper Dunbar (2006-12). Audio. [about]
  14. Manifestation of God, The, by Hooper Dunbar (2005-12). Audio. [about]
  15. On the Study of the Bahá'í Writings, by Hooper Dunbar (1998-10-31). On the systematic study of the Writings, and insights on the "Most Holy Tablet," the Tablet to the Christians. Audio. [about]
  16. Pioneering in Latin America, by Hooper Dunbar (1994-04-27). Experiences pioneering in Central and South America. Audio. [about]
  17. Power of Divine Assistance, by Hooper Dunbar (2007-11). Audio. [about]
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