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  1. Apathy and Violence, by Hossain Danesh, in Bahá'í Studies, 1 (1976). The nature of aggression, violence, fear and anxiety; threats and opportunities an organism encounters in life; and the relevance of Bahá'í teachings to preventing violence. Published Articles. [about]
  2. Creating New World Order, by Hossain Danesh (n.d.). Audio. [about]
  3. Development and Dimensions of Love in Marriage, by Hossain Danesh, in Bahá'í Studies Notebook, 3:1-2 (1983). As with all forms of love, love in marriage is developmental in nature. Its development is closely related to the process of maturation in the individual. Published Articles. [about]
  4. Developmental Stages in Marriage, by Hossain Danesh (n.d.). Audio. [about]
  5. Healthy Communication in Marriage, by Hossain Danesh (n.d.). Audio. [about]
  6. Marriage and Sexuality, by Hossain Danesh (1991-04-13). Transcript of a talk at a private home in Springfield, Virginia, recorded and distributed for teaching and deepening. Notable Talks. [about]
  7. Psychology of Spirituality, The: From Divided Self to Integrated Self, by Hossain Danesh (2000). Explores what is the nature of human reality, the purpose of human life, transcendence, and whether we have free will, using case histories, in-depth analysis, and practical examples. First 3 chapters only. Books. [about]
  8. Reflections on the Bahá'í Peace Program, by Hossain Danesh (2013-12). Peace-making, conflict resolution, and the importance of negotiation between opposing parties. Audio. [about]
  9. Spiritual Dimensions of Health Science, by Hossain Danesh (n.d.). Audio. [about]
  10. Une societe sans violence, un don a faire a nos enfants, by Hossain Danesh, in Bahá'í Studies, 8 (1981). Published Articles. [about]
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