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"Jack Boyd"

  1. Jack Boyd memoirs, by Jack Boyd (2004/2013). Memoirs of Jack and Eileen Boyd, pioneers in Canada, covering the years 1960-2012. Includes recollections of travel, biographies of other Bahá'ís, and historical observations. Biographies. [about]
  2. Memories of Hands of the Cause of God, by Jack Boyd (2014). Personal memories of meeting Zikrullah Khadem, John Robarts, and Tarazullah Samandari. Biographies. [about]
  3. Road, The: Reflections on Scottish history, by Jack Boyd (2005). Essays on the birth of Scotland, Saint Patrick, William Wallace, Robert Bruce, and Rob Roy MacGregor. Includes photos of Rob Roy's cave, grave, and lands, with notes by a distant descendant of Roy. Essays and short articles. [about]
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