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"Kurt Hein"

  1. Bahá'í Focus on Development, by Moojan Momen: Review, by Kurt Hein, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 2:3 (1990). Book Reviews. [about]
  2. Excerpt from an interview with Raúl Pavón, by Kurt Hein, in Radio Bahá'í Ecuador: A Bahá'í Development Project (1988). Excerpt from an interview with Kurt Hein, 5 January 1982, Otavalo, Ecuador. Notable Talks. [about]
  3. Freedom's Age, by Kurt Hein, in World Order, 24:2-3 (1990 Spring/Summer). In the 1980s, unprecedented social convulsions shook the world. Two aspects of these events are noteworthy: they occurred simultaneously and worldwide, and they captured the attention of people everywhere. Freedoms must be tempered by responsibilities. Essays and short articles. [about]
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