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  1. Bahá'í, The: The Religious Construction of a Global Identity, by Michael McMullen: Review, by Lynn Echevarria-Howe, in Sociology of Religion (2002-03-22). Book Reviews. [about]
  2. Black Roses in Canada's Mosaic: Four Decades of Black History, by Will C. van den Hoonaard and Lynn Echevarria-Howe (1994-02). Survey of African-Americans in Canada, their activities in the Bahá'í community, and statistical information. Unpublished Articles. [about]
  3. Canadian Bahá'ís 1938-2000, The: Construction of Oneness in Personal and Collective Identity, by Lynn Echevarria-Howe, in Bahá'í and Globalisation (2005). On how globalization includes greater consciousness of the whole world, and a sociological perspective on how this consciousness has been nurtured within the Canadian Bahá'í community. Published Articles. [about]
  4. Equality of Women and Men: The Experience of the Bahá'í Community of Canada, by Deborah and Will van den Hoonaard: Review, by Lynn Echevarria-Howe, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 16:1-4 (2006). Book Reviews. [about]
  5. Life Histories of Bahá'í Women in Canada: Constructing Religious Identity in the Twentieth Century, by Lynn Echevarria-Howe (2011). Introductory chapter of a study of the essential features of living a Bahá'í life, examining experiences of a diverse group of Canadian Bahá'ís through a sociological framework and a women-centred perspective. Includes newspaper article about Echevarria. Book excerpts. [about]
  6. New Skin For An Old Drum, A: Changing Contexts of Yukon Aboriginal Bahá'í Storytelling, by Lynn Echevarria-Howe, in Northern Review, 29 (2008 Fall). On the construction of the religious self through the storytelling processes of Yukon Aboriginal Bahá’ís: how do people put together stories to construct their contemporary Bahá’í identity? Published Articles. [about]
  7. Planning Progress: Lessons from Shoghi Effendi, by June Manning Thomas: Review, by Lynn Echevarria-Howe, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies (2000). Book Reviews. [about]
  8. Take My Love to the Friends: The Story of Laura R. Davis, by Marlene Macke: Review, by Lynn Echevarria-Howe, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 18:1-4 (2008). Key figures in the development of the Bahá'í community in Canada. Book Reviews. [about]
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