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"Mark A. Foster"

  1. Camphor Fountain: Compilation and Commentary, by Mark A. Foster. Personal compilations. [about]
  2. Father and the Maiden, The: The Abrahamic Patriarchate and the Divine Feminine, by Mark A. Foster (1999). Essays and short articles. [about]
  3. Increasing Complexity as a Process in Social Evolution: A Case Study of the Baha'i Faith, by Mark A. Foster (1980). Theses. [about]
  4. Neo-Platonism: Framework for a Bahá'í Ontology, by Mark A. Foster (1995). Ways to approach the language of philosophical symbolism in the Baha'i teachings. Unpublished Articles. [about]
  5. New Typology of Religious Organization, by Mark A. Foster (1995). Overview of models normativist, arcanist, routinized, and charismatic. Essays and short articles. [about]
  6. Resurrection: A Bahá'í Perspective, by Mark A. Foster (1993). Personal reflections and interpretations. Essays and short articles. [about]
  7. Suggestions for Bahá'í Hermeneutics, by Mark A. Foster (1999). Four essays: "Non-Overlapping Magisteria [science, religion, and Stephen Jay Gould]," "Infallibility: Sinlessness and Prophetic Ecology," "The Case of Some Answered Questions [pedagogy and evolution]," and "The Gospel According to Nabíl." Unpublished Articles. [about]
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