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  1. Bahá'í Faith, The: The Birth of a New World Religion, by Moshe Sharon (2002). Audio. [about]
  2. Clouds and the Hiding God: Observations on some Terms in the Early Writing of Bahá'u'lláh, by Moshe Sharon, in Lights of Irfan, 13 (2012). Metaphorical usage of clouds and rain in the mystical Tablets Rashh-i-Amá, Lawh Kullu't-Ta'ám, and Qasídiyyih-Varqá'iyyih. Published Articles. [about]
  3. Death and Dying in the Bahá'í Faith, by Moshe Sharon, in Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying (2003). Encyclopedia articles. [about]
  4. End of Days, by Moshe Sharon, in Lights of Irfan, 19 (2018). On the word “messiah”, the anointed, which describes the redeemer like a priest, consecrated by being anointed with holy oil; prophecies about the last days and the final coming; predictions about the time of the "end," which Baha'is interpret as 1863. Published Articles. [about]
  5. Jewish Conversion to the Bahá'í Faith, by Moshe Sharon. Unpublished Articles. [about]
  6. Meaning of Baha'i History, The, by Moshe Sharon (1999). Unpublished Articles. [about]
  7. Memoirs of Count Dolgorukov, by Moshe Sharon. Unpublished Articles. [about]
  8. New Religions and Religious Movements: The Common Heritage, by Moshe Sharon, in Studies in Modern Religions and Religious Movements and the Bábí Bahá'í Faiths (2004). Excerpt from longer document including two short sections "Names and Letters - The Bab" and "The Letter bá'" Published Articles. [about]
  9. Prophets and Mountains, by Moshe Sharon, in Lights of Irfan, Volume 9 (2008). Published Articles. [about]
  10. Searching for the Scientific in the Spiritual, by Moshe Sharon. Unpublished Articles. [about]
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