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"National Spiritual Assembly of Canada"

  1. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 07 (1936-1938), in Bahá'í World (1939). Books. [about]
  2. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 03 (1928-1930), in Bahá'í World (1930). Books. [about]
  3. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 02 (1926-1928), in Bahá'í World (1928). Then titled The Bahá'í World: a biennial international record. Books. [about]
  4. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 01 (1925-1926), in Bahá'í World (1926). Then titled Baha'i Year Book. Books. [about]
  5. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 04 (1930-1932), in Bahá'í World (1932). Books. [about]
  6. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 05 (1932-1934), in Bahá'í World (1936). Books. [about]
  7. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 06 (1934-1936), in Bahá'í World (1937). Books. [about]
  8. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 08 (1938-1940), in Bahá'í World (1942). Books. [about]
  9. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 09 (1940-1944), in Bahá'í World (1945). Books. [about]
  10. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 10 (1944-1946), in Bahá'í World (1948). Books. [about]
  11. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 11 (1946-1950), in Bahá'í World (1952). Books. [about]
  12. Mackenzie and Franklin Islands in the Tablets of the Divine Plan, by National Spiritual Assembly of Canada (2006). Question to, and response from, the Archives of the NSA of Canada about why 'Abdu'l-Bahá addressed these then-sparsely-populated regions of Canada. Letters from National Spiritual Assemblies. [about]
  13. Plan of Unified Action to Spread the Bahá'í Cause, A: Throughout the United States and Canada January 1 1926 - December 31 1928, by National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States and Canada (1925). The first of two plans of systematic activity in Baha'i history, followed by "A new plan of unified action to complete the Baha'i temple and promote the cause in America 1926-1930." Documents from National Spiritual Assemblies. [about]
  14. Quickeners of Mankind: Pioneering in a World Community, by Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá (1980). Quotations about the theory and practice of pioneering and "travel teaching." Includes stories about pioneers, and a small selection of texts from Marion Jack. Personal compilations. [about]
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