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  1. Bibliography of English-Language Works on the Bábí and Bahá'í Faiths 1844-1985, by William Collins: Review, by Roger M. Dahl, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 3:3 (1991). Book Reviews. [about]
  2. Great Adventure, by Florence Mayberry: Review, by Roger M. Dahl, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 7:4 (1997). Book Reviews. [about]
  3. History of the Kenosha Bahá'í Community 1897-1980, A, by Roger M. Dahl, in Community Histories: Studies in the Bábí and Bahá'í Religions, Volume 6 (1992). Overview of the long history of the Bahá'ís of Kenosha, Wisconsin, visited by Abdul-Baha in 1912. Published Articles. [about]
  4. Searchable online catalogues for US National Bahá'í Library and Louhelen Library, by Roger M. Dahl and Lewis Walker (2014-12). Overview of and links to online catalogues for two American Bahá'í archives. Archives. [about]
  5. Three Teaching Methods Used During North America's First Seven-Year Plan, by Roger M. Dahl, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 5:3 (1993). Teaching methods used by American Bahá’ís to spread the Faith; firesides and teaching campaigns evolved during the 1930s; pioneer settlements were not used systematically until the Seven-Year Plan; difficulties caused by the race question in the South. Published Articles. [about]
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