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"Sandra S. Fotos"

  1. Barbara Sims' Contribution to Bahá'í Scholarship in Asia Pacific, by Sandra S. Fotos, in ABS North America Bulletin, 82 (2003). Two memorial articles for Barbara Sims, Pioneer to Japan from 1953-2002, biographer of Agnes Alexander, and author of many histories of Baha'is in eastern Asia. East Asia. [about]
  2. In memoriam Barbara Sims, by Universal House of Justice and Sheridan Sims, in Bahá'í News of Japan, No. 299 (2002). Two obituaries of a prominent American Baha'i teacher and pioneer to Japan. East Asia. [about]
  3. Investigating Spiritualization: Noticing, Processing and the Function of Time, by Sandra S. Fotos and Lynne Hansen (1995). surveys and analysis of the personal adoption of virtues among Mormons and Baha'is. Unpublished Articles. [about]
  4. Strategies for Spiritualization, by Sandra S. Fotos, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 9:1 (1999). Published Articles. [about]
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