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English translation by Peter Terry of Nicolas' French translation of The Báb's "Seven Proofs."

The Seven Proofs

by The Báb

translated by A.L.M. Nicolas and Peter Terry
originally written as "Dalá'il-i-Sab'ih" in Persian.
date of original: 1847-1848
About: Dala'il-i-sab'ih is the principal apologetic work by the Bab and was authored in the Persian language, between July 1847 and April 1848 in the mountain fortress of Maku in Adhirbayjan. It was translated into French by A.L.M. Nicolas, and published in 1902. Beginning in the late 1970s, Peter Terry has been studying the Writings of the Bab, and this is one of the volumes he has translated into English, from the French of Nicolas, with over 400 original annotations. [-P. T., 2015]
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