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Two separate compilations, with lyrics and chords to songs by Gloria Faizi, Red and Kathy Grammer, Kathy Liebman, Cat Winterfox, Jackie Elliot, Tom Price, Steve Seskin, Allen Shamblin, Mildred McClellan, Wiley Rinaldi, Bob Simms, Lloyd Haynes, et al.
Posted at Bahai-songs-with-Guitar-Chords and Bahai-Songbook-Chords-Rev3. Compilers not named.

See also Compilation of Baha'i Songs.

For the correct translation and transliteration of the song "Allahumma" (spelled in one songbook as "Ala homa"), see

Bahá'í Songbooks, with Chords

  1. 99 Bahá’í Classes Songs, with Chords [PDF].
    Also available as a Microsoft Word document.

  2. 78 Bahá'í Songs with Guitar Chords [PDF]

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