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2-paragraph prayer from Ad'iyyih Hadrát-i-Mahbúb.

Prayer for Illumination

by Bahá'u'lláh

translated by Steven D. Phelps
published in Ad'iyyih Hadrát-i-Mahbúb
Praise be unto Thee, O my God![1] I render Thee thanks for having rescued me from the abyss of self and passion, led me unto Thy straight path and Thy most great announcement, aided me in this attainment at a time when most of Thy servants had turned away from Thee, illumined my heart with the light of Thy knowledge, and caused me to turn towards the dawning-place of Thy splendours.

    O Lord! I beseech Thee by the ocean of Thy mercy and the heaven of Thy grace to pierce the veils that have hindered thy servants from turning in the direction of the all-highest horizon. O Lord, deprive not Thy servants of the ocean of Thy verses. By Thy might, wert Thou to reveal unto them what Thou hast made known to Me, they would forsake all that they possess in favor of that which is with Thee.

    Thou art the Almighty, the Ever-Bounteous, the All-Knowing.

    [1] Text found in Ad'iyyih Hadrát-i-Mahbúb, p. 65. Unfortunately, no further information is presently available regarding the period of revelation, circumstances, or the intended addressee for this short Tablet. (MW's note, based on information provided in an e-mail from the translator to the present editor, July 2001)
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