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A one-paragraph Tablet about the rise of the Mahdi and numerology of the letters alif, sad, and waw, and the numbers 6, 11, 13, and 60.

Tablet of the Veil (Lawh-i-Qina')

by Bahá'u'lláh

translated by Denis MacEoin
published in Rituals in Babism and Bahá'ísm, page p. 147 (Appendix XXIII)
London: British Academic Press, 1994
In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate!

I reply that it has been transmitted that, after the expiry of alif lam mim sad by alif lam mim ra, the Mahdi shall arise, upon him be peace. And the alif has come upon the end of the sad and the sad is with you, wider than the two thighs, and how can it be one of the two? And also, the waw is [composed of] three letters, six and an alif and six. Six days have elapsed and the alif is the completion, no more need be said, and the [other] six refers to the other days. Otherwise, why was the going back produced, for it's the mystery of inversion for the cipher of the chief (sirr al-tankís li-ramz al-ra`is)? And if there should be acknowledgement on the part of someone else to the remaining six, the matter will end in the Proof and the Greatest Name will appear in the two alifs standing upright in the word which is two letters from God, for they are both 11 and with them [i.e. the two alifs] they are 13. And there hath appeared the waw which is ha, and where is the division? But the unity between the six and the six is decreed for the expiration of the mim sad by the mim ra and the secret of the six and the 60 has appeared in a sixth of it, which is a quarter of it, and all the sixth which is the quarter with the alif both inserted in it. And its mystery is the descent of the alif from the wide point with the six and the six, and the second descended in the blessed night with the 11, which [? The night] is that which is the mystery and the first concealed name manifest in the mystery of Thursday; and the mystery shall be completed on Friday. And the pure water shall flow forth upon the day when the sky shall come with manifest smoke. All of this is in the waw inverted from the mumbled ha, so where is the union before the confirmer of the disjunction? There is no other in the single nor between it, otherwise it would be other than single. And We make such parables for the people, but only the knowledgeable shall comprehend them.

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