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One short paragraph which explains that it is acceptable to substitute "and make him" with "and make me" when reciting prayers. It is also acceptable to omit the prefatory "Say" in invocations.
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See also a response from the Universal House of Justice regarding this quotation.

Changing Pronouns and Dropping 'Say' in Prayers

by Bahá'u'lláh

translated by William F. McCants
In some of the revealed prayers and supplications it is written, “and make him.” Is it considered interpolation if one recites, in a passage of entreaty, “and make me,” which is an addition by the speaker? He replies that this does not constitute interpolation and both are permitted. Likewise regarding the blessed words, “Say: O Lord my God!” and “Say: Praise be God!” It is correct to both drop “Say” and to pronounce it: pronouncing it on account of the sacredness of the blessed word, which issues forth from the mouth of the King of Oneness; and dropping it is permissible inasmuch as the appearance servitude and specificity is most evident in that mode.
    Baha’u’llah, through his amanuensis Khadim Allah. Excerpted in Amr va Khalq, 4:28.
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