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TAGS: Native Americans; Teaching
LOCATIONS: Alaska; Arcata; California; United States (documents); Washington; Wrangell
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Overview of the life of a Bahá'í native from indigenous-Tsimshian ancestry, who pioneered to Alaska and a reserve in Washington, and member of the LSA of Arcata, California. Includes reflections on teaching to Natives.
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Walking the Spiritual Path with Both Feet Planted Firmly on the Ground

by Joyce Baldwin

published in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 26:3, pages 7-22
Ottawa: Association for Bahá'í Studies North America, 2016
About: Since 1956 Joyce has been searching for the answer to ‘Abdu’l-Bahá’s prophetic exhortation to “[a]ttach great importance to the indigenous population of America” because “should they be educated and guided, there can be no doubt that they will become so illumined as to enlighten the whole world” (qtd. in Shoghi Effendi, Citadel 16). With each attempt to discover her true identity, Joyce is led closer to the answer of her lifelong search to find the way to that illumined world. In pursuit of this goal, Joyce has educated herself about the culture and stories of her clan and tribe to discover those beliefs that will act as a bridge of understanding between herself and her family and tribal members. Grandmothers, great aunts, and all their friends have enriched Joyce’s learning with many gems of understanding and have brought her ever closer to finding the answers she seeks.
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