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Presented at the Irfan Colloquia Session #26, Bosch Bahá'í School (November 26-28, 1999).

Mirrored with permission from

A Journey through the Seven Valleys

by Ghasem Bayat

published in Lights of Irfan, Book 3, pages 1-20
Wilmette, IL: Irfan Colloquia, 2002

The Manifestations of God throughout the ages have introduced mankind to Their Messages gradually. Furthermore, these Messages have been tailored according to the exigencies of time and environment, the customs, the traditions, the language and the common understanding of the people for whom they were intended. These two unalterable principles have remained the singular approach of the messengers of old, and the way Their Divine Messages were communicated. Thus the first principle covers the method of teaching and the second the form the words of these Luminaries assume. The vast ocean of the Revelation of the Cause of God in this age demonstrates the application of these principles.

This paper is a short journey through this exciting epistle, briefly demonstrating these principles and its teaching content. The full measure of its spiritual delight will be for those who embark on an in-depth study of the epistle.

Although this epistle is revealed in an eloquent language and is composed in a masterful style, with beauty and brevity, its poems, traditions, words of wisdom, and stories can be traced throughout the mystic writings of Attar, Mawlaví, Láhíjí and others. These subject matters deal superficially with the description and the titles of various stages of mystic journeys as well as with the process and the prerequisites that a wayfarer must go through.
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